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IMPULSE®•G+ Mini Advanced Control Mode

The IMPULSE•G+ Mini advanced control mode offers you our entire Basic control mode features, plus, with a single parameter access level adjustment, it can be opened up to utilize all the advanced features and programming capabilities without reconfiguring.


100:1 Speed Range
  • 200% Starting torque at 0.5Hz  
  • Up to 16 Discrete Speed References  
  • Expanded Programmable Input/Output Capabilities  
  • Preferred Parameter feature  
  • Ingenious pre-maintenance function (IGBTs, Capacitors, FAN)  
  • Side-by-side installation for panel space savings
  • Additional analog input available  

  • Open-Loop Vector Control  
  • Micro-Positioning Control  
  • Serial Communications - Modbus, RS-422/485 communication up to 115Kbps
  • Load Check  
  • Inching Control  
  • Auto-Tuning - rotational and non-rotational auto-tuning for performance demanding applications  

For Advanced control mode feature instructions, see IMPULSE•G+ Mini Advanced Instruction Manual #144-25085
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