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Magnetek knows the safety and performance of your overhead material handling system are top priorities. That's why we proudly offer the Electrobar FS Conductor Bar System for the electrification of cranes, monorails and automated storage and retrieval systems.

Conductor Bar Shape Enhances Performance
  • Bar profile design ensures good electrical contact between the collector shoe and conductor bar.     
  • Wear of the conductor bar cover is minimized because the profile guides the shoe towards the center. 
  • Potential loss of electrical contact at joints is significantly reduced.
  • Rigid conductor bar design minimizes deflection between hangers.   

Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Modular, snap-in multi-pole conductor bar hangers reduce installation and maintenance time.  
  • Compression-type anchor hangers (US Patent #6588713) eliminate field drilling.    
  • Expansion line elements come completely pre-assembled.    
  • Minimal system maintenance required—just periodically replace collector brush assemblies. 

Value-Packed System
  • Systems up to 490 feet in length can be installed without expansion assemblies.    
  • Standard 15' bar lengths mean fewer joints to purchase.    
  • Common hangers and joint assemblies.    
  • System design reduces installation labor costs.

Designed with Safety in Mind
  • Finger safe design minimizes the potential for electrical contact.    
  • Grounding conductor bar available with green cover for ease of identification.

Available in a Variety of Configurations
  • Single and tandem shoe collector assemblies.    
  • 90, 110, 125, 250 and 400 Amp ratings.    
  • Snap-in hanger kits available for 2, 3 and 4 pole applications.    
  • Single hangers also available for special configurations.    
  • Many collector styles available.    
  • Can be used in horizontal or vertical mount applications.

Electrobar FS rendering

1. Line Element 

2. Joint Assembly 

3. Hangers 

4. Power Feeds 

5. End Cover 

6. Mounting Bracket 

7. Expansions (not shown) 

8. Transfer Cap (not shown)

9. Collectors (not shown) 


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