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Chassis-Only Mini Derrick Machines

Magnetek Enrange Radio Control Systems

Project — Pitman Utility Products, Inc.
Location — Grandview, MO
Application — Chassis-only Mini Derrick
Products Used

The Pitman Tiiger derrick chassis is a mini cat-track carrier that is perfect for applications in backyards, narrow right-of-ways, and remote hard-to-get-to locations. This machine has sliding tracks that adjust the width allowing it to fit through narrow spaces. These particular chassis-only machines are sold to customers that retrofit each unit with application packages such as tree trimming kits.

The mini derrick chassis is controlled by a fully proportional hydraulic system for machine travel and site setup operations. The radio control system controls the tracks in a forward and reverse motion and the cat tracks can be slid in or out to adjust the width for greater stability of the machine.

Because of its control type flexibility, Magnetek provided the Enrange Flex 8 Pro handheld transmitter with the radio system because it offered proportional and digital on-off pushbutton control all in one compact package.

Magnetek provided the revolutionary Enrange MHR wireless controller. The controller is one of the first of its kind in the industry with components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller combined into a convenient single control box that significantly reduces costs and frees up valuable space on these small machines.

The MHR offers an LCD graphic display that allows for viewing of system settings and a series of readouts that monitor the overall operation of the system.The MHR manages the output to the hydraulic valve bank as the transmitter is actuated. This ensures repeatable and constant performance at all temperatures and loads. The result is smooth ramp up and ramp down of each crane function independent of any other functions for increased operation efficiency and safety.

Advantages of Using Mangetek's Radio Remote Controls
  • Experts in providing innovative, cost-effective, custom-engineered wireless communication products
  • Meets application specifications to reduce internal engineering and costs, improve time to market and enhance performance
  • Manufactured and tested at our U.S. facility
  • Customized application software designed at our Bridgeville, PA, facility
  • Aftermarket service in our Ontario, Canada, and U.S. facilities

  • Provide a wireless control system to accommodate a chassis only machine application with joystick control for cat-tracks in a hand-held package
  • Reduce installation time and cost of a control system to partner with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system Integrate machine control box control logic with the wireless control system that also works interference-free near high voltage electrical lines

  • Magnetek improved the performance, productivity and safety of the chassis-only mini derrick by implementing a wireless control system that is scalable to meet the specific needs of the application and is the heart and brains of the hydraulic control system
  • Designed an innovative receiver solution that combines the components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller into a convenient single unit reducing installation time and overall costs
  • Increased mobile hydraulic machine operation efficiency and safety with wireless control 

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