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Vehicle Lifts for Use in Maintenance Shops

Magnetek Enrange Wireless Control Systems

— PKS Equipment & Engineering, Inc. 
Location — Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
Application — Vehicle lifts for use in maintenance shops
Products Used

PKS Equipment & Engineering, Inc. is a leader in lift innovation, utilizing a wide range of the newest technologies in lift controls and hydraulic fluid power. With the ability to be flexible in their lift designs to meet customers' specific needs, they called on Magnetek to provide radio remote controls and transmitters for their next generation of fully electrical/hydraulic pump operated systems able to lift vehicles of varying sizes.

PKS was using a pendant-type control on these lifts, but were forced to use a cumbersome trolley system with the pendant because it needed to be moved around large vehicles. Magnetek provided a radio system solution using a custom model Flex 12EX Transmitter and a Flex M Radio Receiver. Now, with no obstructions around the lift, the operator is able to reach everything safely and easily and get the vehicles back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Further enhancing control and safety, Magnetek's Flex 12EX Transmitter is equipped with more than 200 programmable functions including a Park function used to activate Mechanical Safety Latches so that maintenance can be safely done on vehicles without risk of motion. For application flexibility, the Flex M Receiver features a modular plug-and-play design that allows one plant to use the same type of receiver component for any size application while limiting the transmitter range for control of side-by-side lifts. The system also includes a battery charger option and a charging station for the transmitter.

Advantages of Using Magnetek's Enrange Radio Remote Controls
  • Experts in providing innovative, cost-effective, custom-engineered wireless communication products
  • Meet application specifications to reduce internal engineering and costs, improve time to market and enhance performance
  • Manufactured and tested at our U.S. facility
  • Customized application software designed at our Canonsburg, PA, facility
  • Aftermarket service in our Ontario, Canada, facility

  • Maximize control of lift systems for large vehicles
  • Replace cumbersome pendant-style controls
  • Requires multiple side-by-side operation stations with a total of 18 control systems in one building

  • Magnetek provided a flexible and reliable radio remote control solution
  • Eliminated the restrictive use of pendants
  • Custom designed controls and transmitter to meet application-specific requirements

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