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Telescopic and Articulating Cranes

Magnetek Enrange Wireless Control Systems
Mobile Hydraulic Telescopic and Articulating Cranes

Project — Auto Crane Company's Mobile Hydraulic Cranes
Location — Tulsa, OK
Application — Hydraulic Truck-mounted Telescopic and Articulating Cranes
Products Used

The challenge for Magnetek and GSNA was to replace Auto Crane's existing pistol-grip wireless hydraulic control and outdated hydraulic system. The old control system required an operator to use two hands to depress a proportional trigger and an on/off thumb trigger control that offered primarily single function control. The truckmounted cranes handle a variety of lifting requirements for service technicians and this configuration was cumbersome and inefficient.

GSNA, in partnership with Magnetek, provided the state of-the-art crane control and operating systems that offer fully proportional hydraulic valve control, with multiple speed scaling and the ability to operate multiple functions of the crane at one time. The team moved technologies once only found in expensive high-end trucks to economical mid- to lower-end models. The new system is comprised of three major components: the hydraulic system, the hand-held transmitter, and the receiver. The three major components work together to produce a crane load management system that is extremely user friendly to the operator and provides for the efficient and safe operation of the crane.

The wireless transmitter chosen for the system was Magnetek's Enrange Flex Pro™ fully proportional hand held transmitter that allows for multiple-speed operation on every crane function independently.

Magnetek also provided the receiver, its revolutionary Enrange MHR wireless controller. This industry first product combines the components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller into a convenient single unit that significantly reduces costs and frees up valuable space on the trucks.

Advantages of Using MAGNETEK'S Remote Controls
  • Innovative, cost-effective, custom-engineered wireless communication products
  • Meet application specifications to reduce internal engineering and costs, improve time to market and enhance performance
  • Manufactured and tested in our U.S. facility
  • Customized application software designed at our Bridgeville, PA, facility
  • Aftermarket service available in our Ontario, Canada, facility as well as our U.S. facilities

  • Provide a wireless control system to accommodate numerous mobile hydraulic truck sizes, configurations and applications
  • Reduce installation time and cost of a wireless control system to partner with a state-of-the art hydraulic system
  • Increase mobile hydraulic crane efficiency and safety

  • Magnetek improved the performance, productivity and safety of this truck-mounted crane by implementing a wireless control system that is scalable to meet the specific needs of each user
  • Innovative receiver solution combines the components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller into a convenient single unit reducing installation time and overall costs
  • Increased mobile hydraulic crane operation efficiency and safety with wireless control of an industry-first
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