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Victory Rig Equipment

Magnetek Enrange Wireless Control Systems

Project — Victory Rig Equipment
Location — Red Deer County, Alberta
Application — Oilfield Drill Rigs
Products Used

Victory Rig Equipment does full fabrication and retrofitting of oilfield equipment. With an exceptional combination of engineering, after-sales excellence, and dedicated service personnel they are able to support their clients and equipment from concept to completion. To help make the oil recovery process quicker and safer with their leading designs, Victory Rig called on Magnetek to provide radio remote controls and transmitters for their next generation of advanced automation drilling systems.

Victory Rig came to Magnetek for a complex Class 1 Division 2 hazardous area radio controls solution. Magnetek provided them with the certified Class 1 Division 2 MLTX radio transmitter with a model Flex-M radio receiver assembly. Magnetek's first priority was to build a radio system in which one transmitter could talk to two radio receivers, either simultaneously or independently. This was for Victory Rig's new Catwalk/Tugger controls for the drill rig.

Advantages of Using Magnetek's Radio Remote Controls
  • Experts in providing innovative, cost-effective, custom-engineered wireless communication products
  • Meets application specifications to reduce internal engineering and costs, improve time to market and enhance performance
  • Manufactured and tested at our U.S. facility
  • Customized application software designed at our Bridgeville, PA, facility
  • Aftermarket service in our Ontario, Canada, and U.S. facilities

  • Maximize control of lift systems for drill rigs
  • Improve setup and operation efficiency and safety
  • Provide radio remote control system that can withstand harsh environments

  • Magnetek provided a flexible and reliable radio remote control solution
  • Radio control systems improved operational safety and speed of rig set-up
  • Delivered rugged radio control systems that withstand oilfield environments

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