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Product and Services Overview
Magnetek Full Circle Service
Magnetek Material Handling Product Guide
Magnetek Technical Training Programs
Magnetek Spectrum Analysis
Magnetek EMG Thruster Authorized Repair

AC Control Products
IMPULSE®•G+/VG+ Series 4
Sway Control System (SCS®) Series 2 for Retrofit Installations

Drive Support Tools
DataLogger Series 4
IMPULSE® Drive Diagnostics Tools
Radio Drive Serial Interface (RDSI)

AC Control Panels
Complete Control Panels

Dynamic Braking
AC Line Regenerative Systems

DC Control Products
DC Motor & Magnet Controls
OmniPulse DDC Digital DC Drive
OmniPulse DDC Digital DC Drive Series 2 
OmniPulse DSD DC Controls
MagnePulse™ DMC Industrial Lifting Magnet Control Brochure

Control Panels
Complete Control Panels

Radio Remote Controls
Flex EX2 Series
Flex Pro Series
Flex VUE®
Flex Mini
Telemotive telePendant
Telemotive telePilot
Radio Remote Controls for Hazardous Locations
Telemotive SLTX
Flex M
EnrangeTM WIC-2402 Wireless CAN Module
inteleSmart2 Receiver
Software Options
Flex Base™
Tandem Crane Radio Remote Control Systems

Radio Drive Serial Interface
Radio Drive Serial Interface (RDSI)

Railyard Remote Controls
Railyard Remote Control Systems

Inverter Duty Motors
Blue Max & Black Max Motors

Brake Products
Brake Accessories Brochure
Mondel Family Brake Brochure
Industrial Shoe Brakes (200S)
AIST 300M Mill Duty Shoe Brakes - Stainless Steel
Heavy Duty Disc Brakes (400D)
Hy-Thrust Actuators
Braketronic® Controller
Quick-Ship Program
BrakeMD Repair & Recertification Program
EMG Thruster Authorized Repair

Pendant Pushbutton Stations
SBN Pendant Pushbutton Stations Brochure
SBP2® Full Brochure

Cable Reels
Cable Reels Brochure
Motorized Cable Reels Brochure

Cable & Festoon Systems
C-Track Festoon
Heavy Duty Aluminum Festoon
Heavy Duty I-Beam Festoon
Mill Duty I-Beam Festoon
Mill Duty Trolley Selection Guide
Plug & Play Festoon System

Conductor Bar Systems
FABA® Conductor Rail System
ELECTROBAR® 8-Bar Conductor Bar Systems
ELECTROBAR® Elite Conductor Bar Systems
ELECTROBAR® FS Conductor Bar Systems
ELECTROBAR® HX Insulated Conductor Bar

Collision Avoidance Systems
Collision Avoidance Systems
ReFlx 45

Automation, Diagnostics, and Engineered Systems
Configurable No-Fly Zone Systems
Fixed Location No-Fly Zone Systems
Engineered Systems & Solutions

Marine Terminal
Marine Terminal Family Brochure
Cable Reels Brochure
Motorized Cable Reels Brochure

Heavy Moveable Structures
Heavy Moveable Structures Family Brochure

French Language
Tandem Crane Control System - French
Flex EX2 Series - French
Flex Mini Transmitter - French
Flex Pro™ Series - French
Flex VUE® - French
Flex Base™ - French
MLTX2 Transmitter - French
XLTX Transmitter - French
Mini-MBT - French
Radio Remote Controls for Hazardous Locations - French
Flex M Receiver - French
inteleSmart2 Receiver - French
WIC-2402 Receiver - French
Collision Avoidance Systems - French
IMPULSE®•G+ Mini - French

German Language
Tandem Crane Control System - German
200S Industrial Brakes - German
Flex EX2 Series - German
Flex Mini Transmitter - German
Flex Pro™ Series - German
Flex VUE® - German
Flex Base™ - German
MLTX2 Transmitter - German
XLTX Transmitter - German
Mini-MBT - German
Radio Remote Controls for Hazardous Locations - German
Flex M Receiver - German
inteleSmart2 Receiver - German
WIC-2402 Receiver - German
Software Options - German
Collision Avoidance Systems - German
IMPULSE®•G+ Mini - German
IMPULSE® Series 4 - German

Italian Language
Tandem Crane Control System - Italian
Flex EX2 Series - Italian
Flex Mini Transmitter - Italian
Flex Pro™ Series - Italian
Flex VUE™ - Italian
Flex Base™ - Italian
MLTX2 Transmitter - Italian
XLTX Transmitter - Italian
Mini-MBT - Italian
Radio Remote Controls for Hazardous Locations - Italian
Flex M Receiver - Italian
inteleSmart2 Receiver - Italian
WIC-2402 Receiver - Italian
Software Options - Italian
Collision Avoidance Systems - Italian
IMPULSE®•G+ Mini - Italian

Spanish Language
Tandem Crane Control System - Spanish
Cable Reels - Spanish
Motorized Cable Reels - Spanish

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