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Fixed Location No-Fly Zone Systems

No-fly zones refer to protected areas where normal crane operation is limited or entirely restricted.

Depending on the application, no-fly zone systems can incorporate a variety of motion control products, including variable frequency drives, radio remote controls, limit switches, and sensors to designate locations where a crane is programmed to stop. These versatile systems—ranging from simple configurations to the more complex—can be added to existing crane controls or as new installations. Implementing no-fly zones limits the risk of collisions, increases safety for equipment and personnel, and improves facility throughput. 

Fixed location no-fly zone systems utilize limit switches installed on bridge/trolley motions that interface with a no-fly zone controller for system functionality. These systems are available in three configurations optimized for fixed two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided no-fly zone applications. Each fixed location no-fly zone system includes a panel-mounted, key operated two-position enable/disable switch to allow the user to bypass no-fly zone system functionality and allow normal manual crane operation if required. 

System Includes:

Limit Switches

No-Fly Zone System Control Enclosure
  • NEMA 12
  • 120 VAC Supply Breaker
  • 24 VDC Power Supply
  • Panel Mounted Two-Position Key Switch (Enable/Bypass)
  • No-Fly Zone Controller
  • Interposing Relays

Motion Control and Interface Capabilities (User Defined)

  • Relay Contacts
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Serial (RS232, RS485)

System Status Indication/Control Outputs

  • No-Fly Zone Enabled/Disabled
  • No-Fly Zone Free/Occupied
  • No-Fly Zone Slowdown
  • No-Fly Zone Stop
  • No-Fly Zone Alarm
  • No-Fly Zone Fault

External Permissive Inputs to Allow Automatic
No-Fly Zone Enforcement or Bypass


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