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Radio Success Stories

Magnetek is a leader in providing radio control solutions for a variety of industrial applications such as aerospace, auto manufacturing, steel, aluminum, paper, logging, ship loading, grain industry, nuclear power plants and rail yards. 

Turbine Crane Retrofit

IMPULSE®∙G+ Series 4 Adjustable Frequency Drives
IMPULSE®∙VG+ Series 4 Adjustable Frequency Drives
MLTX2™ Radio Remote Controls
Flex M Receivers
Radio Drive Serial Interface (RDSI)

The System
Two overhead traveling cranes operate in tandem to move and maintain 100+ ton power generating turbines. Magnetek's IMPULSE drives improved control with more precise lifting, reliable operation, operator feedback, and the ability to adjust crane functionality. Communication among the radio remote control system components, comprised of the MLTX2, Flex M, and RDSI, and IMPULSE drives allowed the power plant to better schedule maintenance and avoid lengthy down times. 

Power Station Crane Upgrade Project - Download PDF

Newport NewsShipbuilding System Upgrade


The Solution
As the largest shipbuilding company in the United States, Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) needs to be at the top of their game to effectively build the most advanced ships in the world. This includes keeping their overhead and gantry crane equipment running at the most efficient levels.

Newport News Shipbuilding System UpgradeDownload PDF

Radio Controlled Conveyor


The Solution

Radio controls were employed to control all functions of the ship loading system. Coal can now be loaded into waiting vessels at rates up to 11,500 TPH. One operator can now single-handedly operate the ship loader providing substantial time and cost savings.

Radio Controlled Conveyor Loads 11,500 Tons of Coal into Vessels Every Hour

Telemotive's 10K Radio Remote Control Systems Increase Ryerson's Productivity - Download PDF

Radio Controls For Giant Crane

  • Telemotive bellybox transmitter

The Solution
The Turbine-Generator plant of Westinghouse needed a large capacity crane (700-ton capacity) for expansion of their Charlotte North Carolina facility and a rugged radio remote control system powerful enough to guide it. 

Millions of Bushels of Export Grain Loaded Daily with Telemotive 10K Radio Control Systems - Download PDF

Radio Controls For Locomotive

  • Telemotive bellybox transmitter

The Solution
Rail car loading at the Unimin mine in Illinois is performed on a custom built loading platform that allows safe and efficient access to the tops of the rail cars. Safety and efficiency are top priorities at the mine and Magnetek's Telemotive bellybox transmitters provide increased safety for locomotive operators.

Unimin Uses Telemotive 8000 Radio Control System to More Efficiently Move 450 Tons of Sand a Day - Download PDF

Chicago Metra Utilizes Radio Controls in Maintenance Garage

  • Telemotive bellybox transmitters
  • Pendant Pushbutton Stations

The Solution
Chicago's Metra has a reputation for on time, high quality commuter rail service. Their Rock Island District 47th Street Shop where Metra diesel locomotives are maintenanced was in need of rugged crane controls.

Metra, Greater Chicago's Communter Rail Service Utilizes Telemotive Radio Controls in Their Maintenance Shop to Keep Trains and Passengers on Time  - Download PDF

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