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Magnetek's video library helps you stay up to date with the latest how-to-videos and product updates for our innovative power control and delivery products. Whether you’re looking for education, training, or to learn more about Magnetek products and services, our video library is here for your benefit. Click on one of the buttons below to view more.


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Automated Systems

Magnetek's OmniPulse™ DDC Series 2 Drive

Combining next generation technology with our application
expertise means Columbus McKinnon’s Automated Solutions
enhance material handling systems to provide superior results.
These versatile systems—ranging from simple configurations
to the more complex—can be added to existing crane controls
or as new installations. Incorporate our intelligent automated
solutions today for the smart cranes of tomorrow.
        Meet Magnetek's innovative OmniPulse DDC Series 2 Drive. The Energy Engineered® DDC Series 2 will improve the performance, safety, and reliability of your DC-operated material handling applications, while minimizing downtime, maintenance expenses, and energy costs.

Magnetek's Flex EX-2 Wireless Controls

Magnetek's Cable Reels 

The Flex EX2 Wireless Controls offer even more features and greater performance than our first generation Flex EX radios at the same great value. These durable, rugged, and feature-rich radios are ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, and industrial applications.
        Magnetek’s Cable Reel product line is a superior solution to effectively and compactly manage large lengths of cable. The cable reel is fixed to a specific point, while the cable end connects to the moving part of the equipment.
Magnetek's IMPULSE® Series 4 Crane Controls

MagnePulse™ Digital Magnet Control

Magnetek's IMPULSE Series 4 drives, including the IMPULSE G+ and the IMPULSE VG+, provide the most reliable adjustable frequency crane controls available.
        Magnetek's MagnePulse Digital Magnet Control provides advanced safety and performance for DC industrial lifting magnets. See it in action. 
ELECTROBAR® Elite: Magnetek's Most Advanced Conductor Bar System 

Weight Measurement System (WMS)

Simple to install, and safe and easy to maintain, ELECTROBAR Elite is the choice for high-performance power delivery.
        Weight Measurement System (WMS) combines the functions of Load Summing and Weight Measurement II in a convenient single custom software.
Sway Control System Series 2

        CHTX Bellybox Transmitter Demo

Sway Control System Series 2 custom software improves productivity by allowing the crane operator to concentrate on load engagement/disengagement rather than focusing on minimizing load swing.
        Magnetek's CHTX offers the latest technology in a larger platform than Magnetek's other bellybox transmitters and is fully customizable to meet the needs of a variety of applications and industries.
Flex Mini Demo


Magnetek’s Flex Mini wireless control provides a cost-effective solution to the restrictive use of hardwired pendants. Small in size, the Flex Mini fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and incorporates the latest control technology in a lightweight, yet durable case.

These videos provide general information about Magnetek products. It is important that only those that are properly trained and qualified install, use, and service these products and that the instructions, warnings, and safety information provided in the specific product manuals are followed.
IMPULSE® Series 4 Safety Features

ELECTROBAR Elite: Magnetek's Most Advanced Conductor Bar System 

Magnetek IMPULSE® Series 4 drives offer a full range of advanced safety control features. See them in action.          Simple to install, and safe and easy to maintain, ELECTROBAR Elite is the choice for high-performance power delivery.
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