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Evolution of Mining Division

Our mining business is the market leader for drives and controls to the underground mining market. View our timeline to learn more about the evolution of our Mining group.

Power Control Corporation (PCC) formed and in 1967 opened its facility in Pittsburgh, PA
Power Control Corporation

PCC's first AC to DC three Diode three SCR converters was developed for the mining industry

PCC's first six SCR fully regenerative drives were developed

Magnetek is formed through the LBO of Litton's Magnetics Group, including Louis Allis Drives & Systems

Magnetek acquires PCC in Pittsburgh, PA

Magnetek introduces the first 240V DC to AC Battery powered VFD for Mining

Magnetek introduces SD 1000™ and RVS-DN 1000–our first AC Mining products designed to operate at 1000VAC

Magnetek introduces SD 1000™ 1000 Volt Air and Liquid Cooled Variable Frequency Drives

Magnetek introduces the SD500 Accelerator Pedal Foot Switch rated for 10 million operations

Magnetek provides the first DC to AC 600V Battery powered VFD for Hardrock Mining 

We lead the industry in research and development, and we are constantly working to exceed your expectations. By providing you with the best quality products, we offer you a partnership you can trust—a partnership that will enhance the performance and productivity of your mining equipment.

No matter what level of mining expertise you require, your partner Magnetek Mining is the best choice for you
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