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M-FORCE® GP1000™ 1000V Air Cooled VFD
  • GP1000 Air Cooled Drive

Magnetek’s M-FORCE® GP1000™ 1000V Air Cooled Variable Frequency Drives utilize three level control to offer the best solution for challenging installations. This unique 995 VAC drives are the only models with this architecture available on the market.

The GP1000 Drive is a high flexibility, vector or V/F control inverter with improved speed and torque performance. This innovative three level control reduces motor winding stress, decreases electrical noise, and minimizes drive-induced problems associated with long motor cables and premature motor bearing failures.

Design Features

The GP1000’s inverter's architecture and advanced control parameters minimize the chance of installation problems. It offers three autotuning methods to optimize motor control, including new static autotuning, which does not require load decoupling or motor rotation, greatly reducing setup time. GP1000 drives combine state-of-the-art components with the innovative design. The three level inverter provides a premium, high-performance solution for challenging application requirements.

Product Features

Several control modes are provided. In open loop vector mode, the latest flux observer algorithms extend speed range and provide maximum starting torque. In closed loop vector mode, 0.01% speed regulation and 1000:1 control range can be achieved. Zero-servo capability provides position control at zero speed.

The GP1000 drives support the industry's preference for open network architecture and connectivity with network choices such as DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Ethernet, and others. 

Greater Reliability

Controlled start-up torque decreases the wear and tear on the motor and connected load, which reduces mechanical breakdown and extends motor life.  


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