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MHR Radio Controller
  • MHR Radio Contorller
  • MHR Radio Contoller

The patented MHR Radio Controller combines the components of a radio receiver and hydraulic controller into a convenient single unit, reducing costs and freeing up valuable space. When packaged with one of our transmitters, it provides a total radio control system for operating mobile equipment including boom trucks, truck mounted cranes, derrick diggers, concrete pumpers, trenchers and much more. 

Cutting-Edge Design
  • Informative graphic display for viewing system settings and machine functions
  • User interface features fully sealed pushbuttons for menu navigation and modifying system settings in the field
  • Two-way feedback provides the operator with precise information about equipment performance
  • Internal and external antenna options available

Advanced I/O Features
  • Numerous I/O for driving hydraulic valves and other machine functions
  • Up to six inputs that can be configured as analog or digital
  • Up to 16 I/O pins that can be configured as current compensated closed loop PWM outputs, open loop PWM outputs, on/off digital outputs, digital inputs, or frequency inputs

Sophisticated Communication Capabilities
  • Available 2.4GHz FHSS two-way RF provides data feedback, with up to 125mW (2000+ ft.) of RF power for long range applications
  • 2 CAN-buses for communicating with other devices and supporting a variety of CAN-bus communication protocols including J1939 and Parker ICP

Reliable Operations
  • Rugged design meets government and industry standards for extremely high and low temperatures, water resistance, excessive vibration and shock, and electromagnetic interference, making it ideal for outdoor use and harsh environments
  • Dual microprocessors monitor RF messages and safety outputs
  • Compact enclosure mounts in a 6”x6”x2” area
  • Industry familiar connector system secured with integral fasteners

Radio Control Programmer (RCP) Option
  • Puts the ability to program machine specific system configurations at your fingertips while reducing cost and equipment downtime
  • Easily create and save your system configurations for future use
  • Transfer configurations among multiple MHR radio controllers, saving time and effort
  • Package includes a CD, activation code, USB cable, and Quick Start guide

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For the perfect package, combine with one of our transmitters:
Enrange MLTX2
Enrange XLTX
Enrange MLTX
Enrange MBT
Enrange Flex Pro 

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