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From CAN output receivers to direct control of hydraulic valves, from traditional to hazardous locations, design flexibility is essential to Magnetek’s innovative, cost-effective products for mobile hydraulic applications.

Mobile Family Wireless controls
Magnetek’s rugged handheld and bellybox transmitters, including our line of wireless controls safe for use in hazardous or potentially explosive locations with gas or vapors, provide hydraulic equipment operators with better positioning for job visibility and safety, data feedback, and extended lives for machines and hydraulic components.

Combine a transmitter with one of our versatile receivers for a complete wireless control system. From traditional designs to our most sophisticated units, our portfolio or receivers offers total radio control.

  • MHR Radio Controller
  • CAN-2
  • CAN-6
  • InteleSmart2
  • Flex M
  • Enrange WIC-2402 Wireless CAN Module
  • Expansion Modules

Mobile Family Cable reels
Cable reels are a superior solution to effectively and compactly manage large lengths of cable. They are ideal power delivery solutions for mobile hydraulic applications, such as construction cranes, emergency and rescue vehicles, and welding systems.

  • Spring Reels
  • Motorized Reels
  • Slip Ring Assemblies

Mobile Family Pendants
Pendant pushbutton stations provide optimum control and performance for a wide variety of mobile equipment, including mobile cranes, vacuum trucks, concrete mixers, and more. A tethered control through a CAN-bus port can turn a Magnetek transmitter into a pendant control (available on the MLTX2, XLTX, CHTX, PGT, MBT, Mini-PGT, Mini-MBT, Flex VUE®, or Flex Pro™.)

Mobile Family Flipbook
Take a moment to flip through our mobile hydraulic family brochure and explore our extensive portfolio of products and services, including:

Click Here to download a PDF version of the Magnetek Mobile Hydraulic Family brochure.

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