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Chorus Motors Partners with Magnetek for Underground Mining Drives

GIBRALTER (Market Wire) - December 19, 2005 - Chorus Motors plc has signed an agreement with Magnetek, Inc. to develop traction drive technology for the underground mining industry. The companies plan to offer complete motor and drive systems for customers who demand the highest performance and reliability in the smallest available package. Chorus drive and control systems offer 
unequaled power density in a compact AC unit, together with the ability to switch between high and low torque applications without loss of efficiency, allowing the same system to be used as a generator as well as a traction motor.

Magnetek is a market leader for drives and controls to the underground mining market. It has over 30 years experience in designing and manufacturing industrial power controllers with a range of solutions for the most severe duty equipment as well as custom designs.

"Magnetek is an excellent partner for us," said Isaiah Cox, Chorus President. "The underground mining market has very rigorous requirements in which reliability and performance are at a premium, and Magnetek will ensure that the products we make will meet and exceed the industry's expectations."

"The Chorus technology allows Magnetek to provide an AC motor and drive package with torque performance equal or greater than the existing Series DC controls," according to Ed Butte, Magnetek VP Product Management. "It also provides a level of redundancy that will allow greater up-time and throughput for our mining customers."

The agreement provides for the development of Chorus motors for haulage equipment, shuttle cars, and regenerative traction drives, with further products envisaged over time. Marketing, integration, sales and ongoing service and repair contracts will be handled by Magnetek.

About Chorus Motors
Chorus Motors plc is a majority-owned subsidiary of Borealis Exploration Limited. Chorus has developed the proprietary Chorus®Star and Chorus®  Meshcon electric motor technologies, which offer substantial performance improvements over comparable motor and drive systems. The Chorus systems produce high torque at start-up speeds and are ideal for traction applications such as automobiles, trucks, locomotives, and ships. The system is also suitable for aircraft ground maneuvers and has been successfully tested in the form of an onboard aircraft nosewheel motor.

For more information, see www.chorusmotors.gi.

Media Contact:
Lynn Bostrom
Director, Marketing Communications
(262) 252-2903

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