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Magnetek Spectrum Power Enclosures Take Indoor Telecom Equipment Outdoors

Pre-Engineered Units to Save Wireless Operators Time and Money

Los Angeles, CA - June 25, 2003 - Digital power supplies and systems manufacturer Magnetek, Inc. (NYSE: MAG) has introduced a new series of power enclosure systems for wireless base transceiver stations (BTS). Magnetek's new Spectrum series enclosures accommodate all types of BTS equipment with power and battery backup in self-contained units, thus providing a total BTS solution quickly and inexpensively in a reduced cell-site footprint.

Developed by Magnetek's Dallas-based Telecom Power Group, the pre-engineered aluminum enclosures support all BTS equipment protocols (GSM, CDMA or TDMA), and reduce site space requirements by supporting multiple BTS radio frames in a single enclosure. Built-in environmental controls allow equipment designed for indoor use to be deployed outdoors, eliminating time and costs associated with building special enclosures or buying special BTS equipment. Three Spectrum enclosure models accommodate a wide range of equipment requirements, and all of the models feature built-in cable management for fast, uncluttered installation.

Spectrum enclosures come complete with power rectification, circuit protection and GMT distribution (standard), full system control and monitoring, as well as battery backup.  Rectification up to 250 amperes at 48 Volts DC is standard, with 24-Volt DC power also available.  According to Magnetek Telecom Power Group sales manager vice president of sales Jack Conn, the pre-engineered Spectrum series offers wireless system operators a convenient, economical alternative to designing, building and equipping outdoor cell sites practically from scratch.

Magnetek, Inc. manufactures digital power supplies and systems used in telecommunications and other applications requiring highly reliable, precise, energy-efficient power. The Company operates manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, employs approximately 1,500 people and reported total revenue of $188 million in fiscal 2002, ended on June 30, 2002.

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