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Brake-By-Wire Control System Unveiled

LOS ANGELES, CA - May 12, 2003
- Magnetek Inc. (NYSE: MAG) today announced the introduction of an innovative electronic braking system that utilizes state-of-the-art, solid-state drive technology to provide variable torque control of industrial shoe and disc brakes. Used in material handling applications, Magnetek's "brake-by-wire" system is similar to technology being considered for "drive-by-wire" motor vehicles.

With Magnetek's Braketronic Controller, single or multiple brakes can be proportionally controlled by foot pedal, master switch, radio, or selectively by any of these means. The controller, developed by the Mondel Engineering division of Magnetek's Industrial Controls Group, can also be configured to gradually apply the brakes by pre-programmed ramping, initiated by single-step wireless or wireline control devices. Any voltage or frequency alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), single-phase or three-phase power supply (such as Magnetek digital power supplies) can be employed to power Braketronic Controllers.

The Braketronic units are designed to replace existing high-maintenance, power-assisted air-over-hydraulic systems to provide fail-safe emergency braking on all types of indoor and outdoor cranes and moveable lift bridges in industrial and mill-duty applications. Magnetek's  Power Electronics Group is engaged in engineering development programs for "drive-by-wire" motor vehicles as well.

The Company's Industrial Controls Group pioneered the application of solid-state drive systems in material-handling and people-moving applications in the 1960s. Three generations of Magnetek AC drives and tens of thousands of Magnetek analog and digital DC drives now control overhead cranes, hoists, and elevators on six continents. Most of the world's tallest buildings utilize Magnetek drive systems on their highest speed cars.

Magnetek, Inc. manufactures digital power supplies and systems used in many industrial, commercial and consumer applications requiring highly reliable, precise, energy-efficient power. The Company operates manufacturing and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, employs approximately 1,500 people and reported revenue of $188 million for fiscal 2002, ended on June 30, 2002.

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